How It Works - For Providers

1. Register for a free account
Start to use your free account right away with a quick registration. And enjoy full functionalities after email address confirmation

2. Post properties for free
Add properties in account, set up pricing and availability. Each property has the choice of enabling instant booking (to receive both reservation payments and enquiries online) or disabling it (to receive enquiries only). In addition, secure OAUTH and SSL transport technologies will protect your payment reception authorization process to allow automatic future deposits into your own account  (by a well known payment processor)

3. Handle reservations for free
Receive email notifications for reservations or enquiries and manage them in your account. Also reply to enquiries by sending messages and/or a customized offer, all within the free messaging interface

4. Receive payments securely
Receive customers' online payments securely in your free account as authorized in step 2 above. A small transaction fee (5%) automatically contributes to platform. Separately, a small payment processing fee (about 2.9% + $0.30) may be collected by the payment processor

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