Q: Where can I find the list of all accomodations available?
A: Go to the main menu located in the upper left corner on the home page, then choose "Properties"

Q: What are the typical steps to add my property to my account after logging in?
A: Typically you will first create/add a property (choosing either single-unit or multi-unit option), then will be able to manage the details via five tabs: View, Edit, Manage Availability, Manage Pricing, and Manage Rooms (or Manage House). At any time, you can check how the listing looks so far by following the "View" tab. Once you are satisfied, just double check the property's location/area selection and ensure the property is active. That's it.

Q: When trying to add location/area information to my newly created property, I can not find my area name from the popup. What should I do?
A: The "area" can help users to narrow down a list of properties in searches. So it is good idea to set it correctly for your listing. Areas can be added under "Location" by clicking the "Area" field and selecting from the popup. You can select additional areas by clicking again, next to the previously selected item. If the area you are looking for is not in the list, type the name (such as NewYork-NY-USA). A box will appear with the text: “The term NewYork-NY-USA will be added,” click on the box to create the area and add it to your property.